Wireless Camera System

Motec and Ametek Logos
Configurations of Motec MWS system

We provide one of the most robust digital wireless camera systems. Capable of 120 meters of range, our system has been tested in some of the harshest environments. It has proven to provide clear video even in areas high in EMI. Arc furnaces, power stations and RF noisy areas are no problem.

In working with the Motec , we have developed a unique wireless camera system that includes a battery pack capable of more than 20 hours of continuous use. This system can be quickly installed onto a cranes hook block or boom tip to give the crane operator an extra degree of visibility in addition to the regular spotter.

Diagram of Motec MWS system

All externally mounted components are IP68 or IP69K rated. Digital wireless link has low latency 180m/s. Up to 10 systems can be working in close proximity with no interference. System comes with heavy duty case for secure storage when not in use.