AME Proximity Detection

worksite diagram with examples of AME Proximity detection systems

The EgoPro safety system by Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME) is much more than simple proximity detection. The core system can be expanded and reconfigured to provide Access Control, Anti-Crushing near hazardous equipment, personnel tracking by zones, overhead crane anti-collision, vehicle to vehicle proximity detection in addition to vehicle to pedestrian proximity detection.

The EgoPro Safe Move system offers long range detection – up to 50 meters (direct line of sight). The system is also selective in that it will only sound an alert when an AME Tag or an AME equipped vehicle is detected. The AME systems have onboard diagnostics that are continually verifying the correct operation of the hardware and software. AME has designed the EgoPro Safe Move system with a modular concept. Additional functionalities and sensors can be added to custom tailor the system to meet your needs.

AME EgoPro Safe Move proximity detection zones. The detection range for each sensor and each type of detection can be independently set. The machine to machine detection pattern is the same as the Pre-Warning. The maximum range for the Warning or short range is 3 meters