Radar Based Detection

Orlaco’s RadarEye┬« Gives Drivers
an Active Warning

Orlaco Radar Eye sensor and camera

RadarEye is an active detection system that is suitable for use in earthmoving machines, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles and industrial trucks, among other applications. Short-Range Detection (SRD) sensors detect objects and people in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, actively alerting drivers via both visual and acoustic signals. The alarm tone frequency and the visual indicators tell drivers how close the object is to the vehicle. Used in conjunction with a camera system, RadarEye allows drivers to assess the situation at a glance using the monitor.

RadarEye®: Active Radar Detection Improves Situational Awareness of Drivers

Use the RadarEye active detection system and prevent collisions and damage. This shock and vibration resistant radar system detects people and objects in areas that are not visible to drivers. Accidents are prevented as a result, and drivers can work more safely and efficiently.

We have more than a decade of experience with the Orlaco Radar Eye System. This system offers long range detection up to 30 meters. Multiple sensors can be combined to provide 360 degrees of coverage. Each sensor position can have it’s own camera. The system will switch views to the sensor that is detecting an obstacle.

The Orlaco Radar Eye in Action.