About Us

We have systems for virtually any type of mobile equipment or worksite

Our Mission is to assist our customers in their efforts to improve the safety and efficiency of their worksites

4MobileSafety.com, an Advanced Industrial Marketing brand, has been involved with mobile equipment safety for more than 20 years. Our sales staff has deep experience with a wide range of industries. We understand the unique challenges that are present in Steel Mills, Foundries, Recycling, Aggregates, Mining, Intermodal facilities and Ports. Our technicians also have decades of experience with heavy equipment and other types of Powered Industrial Vehicles.

Our systems can be installed onto forklifts, front end loaders, skid steer loaders, excavators, haul trucks, mobile cranes, slab haulers, coil carriers and remote controlled vehicles.

Because one size does not fit all…

We understand that not all customers and worksites are the same. There can even be different challenges in various areas of the same worksite. With a broad selection of some of the best available technologies, you can be confident that we can create a custom tailored program that meets your safety and budget goals.

Available technologies

Video systems –

Simple single camera or complex multi-camera Multi view systems.

State of the Art wireless camera systems

Multi Channel Digital Video Recorders (onboard or network)

Proximity Detection Systems –

Radar Detection – Single or multiple zones, with or without cameras

Vision Detection – 3D video sensor(s) AI powered pedestrian & obstacle detection

Active RF Detection – Long Range, full perimeter detection, advanced analytics

Blaxtair Vision Based System on Rough Terrain Forklift
RFID Proximity Detection System
AME Proximity Detection System
RFID Detection Patterns
AME Detection Patterns